Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Something to do

Hey, Hey, Hey....what up? Not really much to report about at the moment. I just got off a three day weekend (love em lots). I did manage to go out for a few hours Saturday night. Me and some friends went out to eat and then went bowling. Boy, do I suck at bowling but hey at least I am entainment for the rest of the group. Me and love bucket finally got our concert tickets in the mail to Disturb. That is going to be a kick ass concert. It is going to be Feb 8 in Pensacola, FL. I am so ready to see something kick ass because there is nothing going on around the gulf coast these days. Me and love bucket also bought tickets to WWE Smackdown which is not until March. Actually it is going to be us and two of my sons. My youngest son is like totally obscessed with wrestling. He said that is what he is going to be when he gets out of school. Hey I am cool with that except I want him to be a RAW wrestler so I can meet Triple H (what a fine ass man). I am watching Andy Griffith as we speak. I tell you back in the days he was the man. I must admit I have a variety of taste. I can go from clean cut to long hair just as long as they are redneck. Well gotta go, hollar at yall later.

Friday, January 13, 2006

All Alone

Well today was rather a productive day. I got a lot of stuff knocked out at work, only for it to reproduce again. My job is a constant cycle of duties. Anyway, my desk is looking good for the moment. Today was also the last day for my coworker in crime, Greta. She is going out for 7 weeks on medical leave. She's leaving a size 8 and coming back as a size 4, well at least in some areas she will be smaller and other areas she will be much larger (know what I mean). She's having a tummy tuck to flatten her stomach and t-t implants to make her t-t's bigger. Good luck to ya girl. I just heard a howling noise so I looked out the window. My God, the wind is like blowing shit everywhere. What it is really doing is blowing COLD ASS weather in here. Why can't it just stay 85 and sunny? Today our post office had some type of explosive device that was found on the ground. Jill, my other coworker, and I walked over to the post office to get her some stamps but we were stopped by a citizen talking about the post office was going to be closed for about an hour. UHHHHHHHH, what? Being the noisy people that we are, I mean curious, we proceeded to walk on up to the PO. We were greeted by one of our po-po's in which we knew (it pays to work in Human Resources). Anyway, he told us what was going down and then showed us the "EXPLOSIVE DEVICE". Uhhhhhh, what, once again. We just looked at each other and laughed. They were bringing in the swat team, bomb robot, news team, governor, hell they might have even called the President, who knows, for this very tiny looking thing. It looked like a fire cracker. Whatever, all I know is it gave them something fun to do. It's almost 5:00 on Friday the 13th and I am fixing to blow this joint. I wonder what the rest of the evening will bring.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Let's play the "pick game"

Girl right here just won her a Chi Straight Iron off Ebay, sure did. I have been wanting one for sometime now, but have been to cheap to buy one. See I had a Walmart $30.00 iron but that was so much of a waste, the only thing that will straighten my hair is the CHI-CHI....Now I need to know what you think....Do you like my hair straight or with some body????

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Finally Friday

It's Friday and payday and up on a three day weekend? That's right-loving it!!!! My youngest son, who is turning 10, is having a birthday party tomorrow (Saturday) at Mr. and Mrs. Satin's house (oops, I mean his dad and step-monster's house-hehe). The boy not only racked up for Christmas but now his birthday, actually he kinda gets ripped because there is Christmas and then Dec 31 is his birthday. Now me on the other hand, I got that tax deduction. After that I am going back to the pimp palace and paint. I am in the process of cleaning hoopdeville up (you know a little paint here and some new flooring there). It's looking good though. Saturday night I have been invited to a New Year Eve's Party. It is with a co-worker, well from another department. And yes, I will be there because the only other choice is, well I really don't have one. There is no cool clubs to go to since the Hurricane wiped us out and most of my friends are married with small children or friends that don't party at all so they will be going night night early. I am going to have me a few too many. It has been like forever since my lips were hit with some booze. Love Bucket doesn't drink so to be the good girlfriend (that I am), I don't drink either. (Really I just don't want to drink alone). While I am sitting here blogging I am also cramming down a subway sandwich. Yummmmm!! I had brought some soup from home (can soup) because girl right here don't cook but Subway won!!!! Well gotta go!! Peace Out.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blah, blah

Love Bucket got himself a digital camera for Christmas, but I am fixing to take it over. I have got to get some pictures on my blog. I brought the camera to work so that Greta could give me a crash course. I know I need to get with the technology times. I don't have any clue how this new shit works. I told you, I am stuck in the 80's. She says "simple". Yeah, okay. Well I must say I am looking hot today....Greta brought in her Chi iron and straightened my hair....love it. Me and Love Bucket are going to see a movie and eat at Outback (a date-whooo-hoooo) when I get off work. Funny, I leave my house looking like Farrah Fawcett and go home looking like Pamela Anderson, uhhhhhhh, sure do!!!!! My boss is suppose to be popping into the office today, why?? haven't figured that one out yet. I tell ya what when I am on vacation, I am on vacation. Well Love Bucket hurt my feelings last night. See we are still new into our relationship (1 year) so you know what that means--lots of sex. Well thanks to EBAY, I didn't get it for two days, well last night I was having the urge (TMI) so I told him "get ready, I want some". So I go to bed and wait and wait and wait for him to bust a move and he's got his face plastered in the computer looking at some bullshit on EBAY--so I rolled over and went night night....That's alright pay back is a bitch. Girl right here can hold out. Sure can and will. Well I guess I am going to run-it now. Later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hurry up and wait

My girl Greta left me here at work with no one to play with. That's okay, I'm taking my ball and leaving early tomorrow too. I sure hate to do it because the clock just drags ass when you are in the office by yourself.
Well it seems I am slowly getting my ducks in a row. Love Bucket is taking to me Chicago in April for vacation. Not only is it a vacation, but it's my birthday (remember this date: April 2)(that's right, love me some presents). I have already picked out some things to do, but the one that hits home the most is Wrestlemania 22 on April 2 and WWE Raw on April 3. Oh my goodness, a live wrestling show--love it....Yall need to watch me on TV those nights. I haven't decided to bring a sign that says "I love you Triple H". Well more later, it is almost 5:00 (woo-hoo).

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The year was 1986

Well it's back to work for me. I have been off for 11 days and it was great. The girls in the office pretty much took good care of me while I was gone because my desk actually looks pretty good. I am really for a loss of words right now so I guess I can tell you about a redneck princess date I had. I was seventeen and all tom boy so I really didn't attract pretty boys nor was I attracted to them and couldn't get a date with a nerd because I was mean to all of them, so all I had to pick from was redneck boys (loved them all, there is nothing more sexy than a tall, lanky stud muffin wearing a ball cap, tight ass jeans and a button up shirt tucked out, and work boots,,,, getting out of a hoopde pick up truck with a can of Copenhagen in his back pocket), yummmmmmm!!!! anyway, I had went to a party with one guy who was kinda stuck on himself (why I don't know) so I ditched him and left with another guy, get this he even had a nickname (Cotton). Man oh man, I had found me a man (a dream man)!!! Anyway, we went out to a few parties together but it didn't take long for me to realize--not only was he a creep, he was a cheap creep--no, no, no....example...went to McDonald's (hey, I was cool with that, you know "my man is taking me out to dinner") well I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese, large fry, and large root beer (and would have gotten it supersized but that was before they had all that, as our parents would say "that was before my time"), and he ordered a small hamburger....the cashier is waiting on him to order more but nope that was it...so we go to the table to eat. I am like embarrassed (feeling like a piglet) so I am like nibbling knowing I wanted to gobble that shit down. He wanted to know if I would share my fries and my drink. Uhhhhhhhh, yeah baby, I guess so, sure (I was cool with that, awwww, my man wanted to share my food, how romantic) so we blew that place and went mud riding in his hoopde truck (I thought I was in heaven, sweet, this is such a great date), then it was time to take it to the house (the curfew was creeping up on me), and on the way to my house you have to cross over railroad tracks in which we did and boom, bam, cling, clang, screeeetchhh, the boys' muffler fell off. We pulled over and get this....after sitting in the truck for about 2 minutes, he looked over at me and said, "will you get out and go pick up my muffler", and did I do it....oh yeah. Hey at least he help me throw it in the back of the truck after I had drug it up to the truck. Needless to say we broke up several days after that because my friends was like dogging me out. I just couldn't keep defending him against my friends. The end!!!! Well I did see him about 3 years later and the boy was like driving a fine ride, repeat FINE!!! I chit chatted with him a minute or two and told him he must have spent some jack on that and his reply was "I have been saving for years"....Uhhhhhh what (I thought), that threw me into having a flash back of 1986. Later!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thanks girl

Don't hate me, that's right, I am on vacation this week and don't go back to work until the 27th, lovin it. I have my bootay up in a king size bed with, hate'n me again, my electric blanket. Oh yeah, I sure wish I could marry a rich man that would insist that I don't work and spend all day either layed up in the bed or out spending all his money. Sure would!!!!! Let me give you some conversation between me and my x this morning....Ring, ring, (I'm calling him-after the comma the other person starts talking), hello, hey you sleeping, I was (with a sour attitude), oh I am sorry I didn't know you worked last night, what do you need (saying it like the asshole that he is), got an idea how about the boys spending Christmas eve night with you so that when they wake up Christmas morning they can rip into their presents with Lexy (their half sister who is almost 2), uhhhhhhhhhh I will have to check it out with Deanna (the new wife), uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what I am offering to forfit my time with the boys on Christmas morning so that they can have somewhat of a normal Christmas (since we opened gifts last Saturday) and so that Lexy don't have to wait until 2:00, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I guess that will be fine I will talk to Deanna. Well, well, well what do yall think, ain't that some shit. I would have been like Oh my God, thank you so much, yes, yes, I would love that!!! Anyway, enough of that drama. Hey, I see my girl Greta put my picture on the site. She took a before and after picture of me, we are going to let yall do a poll (keep reading). She brought her camera to work one day and not only did we play Greta's Photography Workshop (got some fine pictures of me, sure did),we also played Greta's House of Beauty (we played beauty shop)(If someone named Pat reads this, it is only done on our lunch hour). See I have this jacked up hair, it's wild looking like something out of the 80's. It's either put up in a clip or down looking like a lion's mane. Anyway, one day I was getting my hair cut and highlighted and the hair dresser came up with the cool idea of straightening my hair with a flat iron and bam, I was looking HOT!!!! What a totally different look for me....I thought I was a teenage peacock, fine I say.....strutting around. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, now ever chance I can get my hair straightened I do. See I am not much into all that fu-fu stuff like hair, makeup, cutesy clothes so Greta and Jill have to fu-fu me up. I did go to Walmart and buy a $30.00 flat iron--SUCKS, HEAR ME, SUCKS, it is not a CHI. That's the only flat iron that works, the other one takes forever to even somewhat flatten my hair and then within an hour my hair is jacked up again but with a CHI, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to really get it straight and it stays that way all day. So I have talked myself into buying one. I have been playing around on EBay, so far I have been outbidded. I guess I need to go ahead and make the plung and put the big high bid (three digits). Well I took my ring back to the jeweler's to get it sized. The standard ring is sold in a size 7, I need a 6, get this they said I couldn't get it back until January 5....What, can you believe it takes that long to resize a ring (before Christmas that is). I wonder when I would have gotten my ring back if I would have dropped it off after Christmas. I probably would have to do some Chevron bullshit up in the Jewelry store. After the boys go back to their daddy's (yuck ass bastard), I will tell yall all about the Chevron in St. Martin--exit 50. Some of yall may already know about this, you may have been there, wasn't that some cool drama....tore that place up, sure did....you want some, come get some is my motto!!! Alright gotta go, gotta head over to pop's house (my daddy) to give him his gifts. Darn, I've to to drag that bootay out of this warm bed. Thanks Greta for putting my picture up and helping me get started, love ya!!!!! Back soon!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Santa come and Santa go

Merry Christmas, well it was Christmas for my family today. We celebrated Christmas today instead of the traditional day because I have the boys the week before Christmas this year and I wanted to be able to see them enjoy their gifts. I will get back with cha on that list, let's talk about mine. I was a very good girl this year. I got 3 pairs of pajamas (which I currently have the pink pair on now), a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works, long black sweater coat (love it), Tresor perfume (my all time favorite), Yankee Candle, electric blanket (seriously thinking about bringing it to work), Lazy Boy recliner, Steel Fire Bowl, a 2005 microwave (to replace my 1987 one). I was blowing stuff up today because it is much faster and higher wattage. Not kidding, food that use to take 10 minutes only takes 1.5 minutes--Ka-plow, boom.....back to what Santa brought me, AND to my surprise, a diamond ring. Calm it down, it is only a Christmas gift not anymore. In fact, I am wearing it on my left hand. I must admit I was kinda sweating when I opened it but my boyfriend only smiled and handed me another gift--feel the love, eh??? Woo, woo, woo!!!! All those gifts were great and I love them all, but the best gift of all was seeing my boys open their presents and being able to give them a normal Christmas. There are so many families that are just not able to have that normal Christmas that they might be use to. My boyfriend and his two daughters celebrated Christmas with us too. He has the same visitiation schedule as me so we agreed that we would open gifts together. My kids got a lot of stuff but their FAVORITE gift was a FINE, I mean FINE go cart. It has a motorcycle engine on it. Love Bucket Heads girls both got their own four-wheeler. Needless to say my yard is a mud pit. Of course I had to break out the mack daddy four-wheeler and show them how to ride. Well folks my kids are calling me to come watch a wrestling DVD. That's all me. Later.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

On the Road Again

The boys are in the bathroom getting all spruced up, so I thought I would take a sec and blog. We are going to go to Mobile to try and finish up the Christmas shopping, you believe that don't ya, (finish up, yeah right). Every year I start off doing good and swear that I won't be out the last weekend more less Christmas eve shopping, but trust me I know that I will. I went to Michael's yesterday and bought some picture frames to put some pictures that I bought earlier for my bathroom. I wish I had a digital camera to show you how cute they turned out. Oh my God!!! Is this a type of arts and craft....nahhhhhh....I tell ya though, Michael's had some cute stuff, maybe next year for Christmas I will make some gifts (awwwwww from the heart). I am just too much. What, I don't hear the hairspray can anymore, guess I better get moving. I love teenagers, they have to have every hair in place and their Sunday best to go any where, especially a mall, you know chics hang out at the mall. Oh, I just found out that my love bucket head will be home tomorrow night, he's been on sea trial for over a week now. I pick him up at 8:51 in Gulfport. Tick tock, tick tock, time is moving so slow. Later...

Friday, December 09, 2005

And Here I Is

Well hello there, but to your surprise here I is. This is my very first time to blog so I really don't know where to start. Here goes: It is 6:20 Friday night. This is my weekend to have my boys and they are all in the living room wrestling so I thought I would take a few minutes away from all that fun and check ebay but a light bulb blew up in that head of mine and bingo I signed on to my sight. I'm not really much into playing on the computer and don't really have any hobbies but I started reading Greta's Daily Diary and from there turning pages into other peoples diary's and found blogging to be somewhat entertaining. Some people are just down right hoots. Anyway, a little bit about this life of mine. I married at 18, my high school sweetheart. Society hadn't taught me that it's about the money or how they treat you at this age, all I knew was "it's about the looks". Married, had a son (J.R.-17) which was 10 lbs 6 ozs. Peoples, I thought I had done something, girl done went and got married to a Vancleave Redneck and shortly after that had a moose. I am women hear me roar. Well let me tell ya, boy turned out to be total YUCK!!! Nope, I knew he wasn't the one. So me and my little sweetpea ventured out on our own. I was now a single mother, going to junior college (I wanted to be an educated redneck--nope this girl "ain't" going to be no loser), and working part time. Well I gave it my all but had to quit school and go to work full time. I got a job a Ingall's as a pipefitter. Oh yeah baby, I am so set for life, what more could a girl ask for. Shortly after that I met my 2nd ex husband. You really shouldn't know that until later on but why wait (go ahead call me a bragger). Anyway, we were married for 11 years and had two additional sons (Michael-13 10 lbs 14 ozs and Stephen Tyler-9 11 lbs 6 ozs). Summing it all up, he left me for another women. Well the marriage had pretty much fizzeled out but the young thing didn't help. That brings me up to today, I have been dating this guy named Love Bucket Head for a year now. I quit Ingalls about 13 years ago shortly after Michael was born, went to work at the Isle of Capri because my ex said oh no, no you are not going to be a stay at home mom, oh no, I would rather pay $150.oo a week in daycare, anyway, got offered a job at the COB and home set home, there it is. Alright, I must take a break for tonight, I hope to get into telling you some stories of redneck dating. I am really not a redneck but I am not the average girl that likes to cook, sew, have tea parties, shop, knit, make arts and crafts, I am the kind of girl that likes to go four wheel riding, whether it be in a 4 X 4 or on a four wheeler. I love slinging the mud-uh, in your face-like it. I don't like all that jewelry hanging off of me or painting those dagger nails and toenails. In fact, no white's on the nail at all. Going to the spa, oh my God!!! I would rather get on a tractor and mow the field or riding down country roads in old hoopdee cars or trucks. Enough knowledge for now. Hollar at ya later.

Monday, November 28, 2005

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